Below is a general breakdown of our fishing seasons to better help your book your trip.


Spring, steelhead

Our steelhead are spring run fish. Our peak season for targeting steelhead is in March and April with steelhead being caught as a late as June. These steelhead are fresh from the salt and full of life. Average weight is between five and fifteen pounds. They are incredibly acrobatic and sure to make your heart race. You can expect long runs and big jumps.



Summer, Bulltrout

June marks the beginning of our freshet. As summer rounds the corner and spring temperatures rise the snowpack in the mountain begins to melt. This runoff queue's our bulltrout to return home to the upper Pitt river. We intercept these fish on their way back to the headwaters of the upper Pitt. This is an incredibly healthy fishery.  There's 3 runs of fish. Typically the bigger fish will come late May early June and tapper into the smaller fish come August. Our Bull trout range anywhere from one to twenty pounds. They are incredibly aggressive and easy to hook. After that it’s all up to you. They can be caught on skaters late in the season, typically august.



Summer, Salmon

As we move through the spring melt and late into the summer, our glaciers begin to melt. The river turns turquoise and everything comes to life. Late July and into August our Chinook and Sockeye salmon enter the river in numbers. The eagles and bears are lurking the river banks as the water is boiling with salmon. Come the first and second week of September these fish are focused on their spawn. We try not to harass the fish at this time and move into trout fishing. Using beads and indicators to target resident bulls, rainbows and cutthroat. September marks a shoulder season for anadromous fish.


Fall, coho

As our shoulder season closes out near the end of September the Coho begin to pour in. The river is clear and fish can easily be spotted in runs. You will see numerous fish chasing after your fly until finally one grabs a hold and your hooked up. The fishing is very active and quite entertaining.The river is very susceptible to blow out conditions at this time of year. However, the Pitt River recovers like no other system. Dropping as much as two feet over twenty hours. The river can go from unfishable to the best fishing of the season overnight. This season runs from Mid September to the very end of October. Typically the fishing is better later in the season.